Monday, September 10, 2018

Hurricane Florence is approaching

For many of you , you are aware that there is a fairly nasty hurricane headed towards Wilmington,  NC.  I thought I might use this blog to document what my personal experiences are while going thru this...I'm gonna ride it out.  Today, I filled the gas tank up, bought a few batteries (already had some candles), got an extra propane tank, started filling a cooler with ice from the ice maker, etc.
When out and about, the traffic is getting hectic.  The hurricane is all over facebook.  I tend to not worry so much about stuff like this...i work in the grocery business and it doesn't take much to get people panicked into buying stuff...seems like a marketing scam really...brought to you by the weather channel.
I'm scheduled to work all day tomorrow and everyday until Sunday...the hurricane is projected to hit Thursday I believe...this ought to be pretty awful.

Today is hot and sunny.  Brief showers earlier and no real wind.  It's just hot as hell.  This is a complete experiment and I may lose interest..we'll see...mainly depends on how easy it is for me to update.

The pictures at the top are from right now, minus the one with me and my cat (Noser)...its from last night.  I'm charging up my good camera as I type this...we'll see how this goes.

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