Sunday, January 08, 2012

It's been a long time....

 Today was the first day of my vacation.  It's been a
long, few months and it seemed like a good time to take
some days off.  I woke up this morning and decided to go
see my sister Deatra and her family.  They live roughly
3 hours from me, near Yanceyville, NC.  When I 
arrived, shortly after, my other sister Donna showed
up.  Below is us together's been awhile.

Deatra is married and has 2 sons, a step son and
daughter and is expecting another in April.  She's
on the left.  Donna has a son and a daughter...
she's on my right.  Below is a picture of me with
my nephews and my niece.  From left to right:
Jeremey, Wesley, Grayson (all Deatra's) and
Simona (Donna's)

We went to lunch and afterwards decided to
go see the old house we grew up in.  It's located
in Southeast Guilford County...just outside Greensboro.
I personally haven't been in the place in at least 20
years.  My Mom and Step Dad have long since passed
and we haven't had much reason to go back.  The old
house had fallen into other hands and owners and we
had always heard of it's dismal condition....but I
have always wanted to go back regardless.

We got there around 5 pm.  The yard had actually
been cleared (it used to to be too grown over to see
the house) and lucky for us, was vacant and the front
door was unlocked.  Below are pictures I took inside...
click to enlarge....

 The stairs up to my old bedroom...

 My old bedroom...notice the short door...
it's only about 4 1/2 feet tall...

 The beams on the vaulted ceilings upstairs...

 A wall in my old bedroom...

 We used to call this room the 'Orange Room'...
not sure why.  It's a small room off of the master
bedroom.  Me and Deatra used to share this room
during very cold nights...

 The front corner of the master bedroom.

 Behind the house, is a hill.  There is a pond at the
bottom.  This is a view from near the pond.

 Me and Deatra used to climb this tree...
 it's in front of the house, to the left.  A lot
bigger now....

 Spent many an hour playing basketball
on this dirt court...

 Another childhood pass time....climbing to the
roof....I still have it!

 Me, Jeremey and Wesley scaling the house as
Deatra watches...

 The old front door....

 Jeremey on top....

Great to see the old place.  It's a shame no one
is really doing anything with it though.  Tons
of trash inside but all it really needs is to be 
cleaned up....that and, I'm sure, a ton of work.
But it's still standing.  Seems to still be solid.
 Was a great way to spend the's been way
too long.

Until next time....