Friday, June 17, 2011

Vacation part 2

A few more various images from our time to enlarge.

The Train museum in downtown
Wilmington.....definately not worth $8...

 Not a very good picture but a full moon
over Carolina Beach....
Today....overcast day but a nice at the beach
 Some old dirty Hobo's at the Train Museum
 A Sloth skeleton at the Cape Fear Museum
Until next time................

Sunday, June 12, 2011

Vacation part 1

We are actually taking some time off. No real
plans, just relax and do...whatever. Below are
some pics of whatever....
I actually pass this place every time I go to
Charleston (not a vacation destination...), I don't
know if it offends me or amuses me....both I guess..
Ever wonder what's at the top of the giant
dude at South of the Border? Well, it isnt a
working phone.......
...just this view.... We scoured South of the Border for something, anything worth buying.....I found this....score!
We then hit 501 and took the 'Deliverence' route to
Myrtle Beach. The place is so different now from
when I used to go...but then again, that was roughly
20 years ago. I always wanted to take the helicopter we did. $20 it ain't, don't let the billboards
fool you. We opted for the 'Garden City' route...
south of Myrtle Beach over the coast. Below are
some to enlarge.....

Video below

Until next time....