Wednesday, October 31, 2018

For Michelle Hermann

After midnight

Today was a long day at work but to be expected, nothing new.  After work, I went to go see my girlfriend, though I knew it would only be for a short time....she's a high school teacher and needs to get up early in the morning to prepare for her day.  She's awesome.  She does it for all the right reasons, to right the wrongs, to give back, to help the helpless.  She doesn't do it for weekends off and long summers (but she sure as hell doesn't mind those...she's earned them).  I felt lucky to see her tonite.  She was tired but affectionate none the less.  Wearing a t shirt and sweat pants, she was still beautiful and held my hand while talking about our day, today.  There's a lot more intangible stuff I could add here but I'll do it later, I'll add the chapters at another time. 

The reason I keep this site/blog/website is for's like my diary.  My earliest entry dates way back.  I like to look back on it from time to time, to remember stuff.  It's not monetized at all, strictly for my entertainment purposes only. will never be a hot site but that's not it's purpose.  It's for me and if you know me, I'll let you see it.  With that in mind, I've never written about my significant others here but now I am.

When I got home, I felt compelled to create a picture for her....maybe a meme or something like that.  Last Sunday, we went out together and took pictures at the local arboretum.  I was to take one of these pictures and mate it to a quote...add the text to a picture we took together or something like that.  I went straight to google to search out this text.  What would the search require?  New love?  I quickly realized that I couldn't find anything suitable for my needs.  Everything that came up was unsuitable.  Everything came off as cheesy. 

I'm going to have to write this one out.  Nothing can accurately explain how I feel about her appropriately that has already been's either too simple or not enough, no where near complete.  I'm going to have to find the words myself....and they damn well better be correct, she's an English teacher.  This is going to be a challenge but a worthy one, I've always had visual talents but written word, not so much.  This girl is awesome though, I'm sure the words will come to me.

That all being said, Happy Halloween!  I just noticed the date during my preview!

Tuesday, October 30, 2018

October 28th

Last Sunday, my girlfriend and I went to the Arboretum here in Wilmington.  Turns out, we're both well into photography (as well as many other things).  Below are some of the better shots I got that day.....enjoy!